Author and spiritual healer Mary Angeline Bell brings powerful encouragement and wisdom in her book “Rejoice”

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Mary Angeline Bell, known as Angie to family and friends, talks about renewing hope and faith in her impressive book “Rejoice,” which contains 65 poems and five short stories.

Author and spiritual healer Mary Angeline Bell brings an inspiring book that allows readers to open their eyes to the good that God is working in ways they wouldn’t expect. 

Her book “Rejoice” is a book of 65 poems and five short stories. The theme revolves around hope and encouragement despite the adversities people encounter and the violence and suffering in the world. It points to a loving Creator who is ultimately victorious.

The book provides an excerpt: “Yet some have found that order from which flows a mighty cosmos; peace, serenity, and power. They hear the gentle whisper of tenderness and truth.”

“Rejoice” is the third volume of poetry published by Mary Angeline Bell, known as Angie to family and friends.

She earned a good review from Kirkus in New York. In Oregon, Angie’s book was reviewed by a community newspaper, the Happy Valley News. Friends at her retirement home have told her how they enjoyed the book and how it inspired them.

Angie grew up in Portland, Oregon, and has a medical condition about which little was known when she was born. 

“I grew to only 4’3″, but my parents and teachers encouraged me to develop my character and potential. I overcame the challenges of living my adult life in a child-sized body. I’m very grateful for my educational opportunities and for chances to travel,” Angie says.

Angie has enjoyed music and poetry since her childhood. She plays the piano and has sung in church choirs. She has enjoyed her travel opportunities, having been to Europe in the summers of 1965 and 1969, and also to a number of American cities for Right to Life conventions.

She has been involved in the pro-life movement in the United States and is a member of Toastmasters International. 

Angie’s worldview is one of faith and hope, adding that her trust since childhood has been in the Lord Jesus. Angie says she desires to fulfill His purpose for her life. 

“I praise the Lord for my family,” she says. “They are a daily reminder of how blessed I am.”

Those interested to get a copy of “Rejoice” can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Book Depository. It is a helpful companion for those going through tough seasons and faith-trying times.

“The book serves as a lifeline of hope to help people find strength and trust in God for the circumstances that cause them to stumble. We may face some challenging times, but God promises that we have victory through our faith,” says Angie.

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