The Saving Power of Faith

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Strength of will beyond one’s own COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 29, 2021 / — A major part of a person’s life and growth is determined by how they handle the many challenges the world today can present to an individual. There are times in which struggle may be too much for one to bear and things may seem beyond our control. Each person copes with their situation differently, but there are circumstances in which one would want to turn to a higher power. “Rejoice” reminds us that in our suffering and our struggles, we can turn to The Creator for guidance and strength.

Mary Angeline Bell is no stranger to adversity and the challenges of life. Raised in Portland, Oregon with a medical condition that allowed her to only grow to a maximum of four feet, three inches tall, she was given the opportunity to strive past her physical limitations of being a grown woman in a child’s body. Bell worked hard to be the best person she can be through the grace of God and was given many opportunities here and abroad. She has been blessed with a big family, a daughter who in turn had two daughters of her own and who gave her four great-grandchildren.

“Rejoice” puts together a collection of sixty-five poems and five short stories, each centered on hope, grace, and inspirational messages that can help get one through the many struggles and challenges life has in store. We do not get to choose some of the encounters we come across in this lifetime, but we have the capacity to choose our attitudes towards these circumstances. “Rejoice” reminds us of the power of this choice and reminds us that there is a loving Creator whose grace and abundance allow the faithful to be victorious over their trials in life as well as the suffering and injustice of the world.

Grab a copy today and let the grace and love of the creator into your life.

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